Quality Biomass Wood Fuel

At Central Woodchip we are dedicated to producing and supplying top quality wood fuel.
We offer a range of products and services suited to Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Users.
  • BSL authorised, for full RHI compliance
  • Full range of chip specifications
  • Only process virgin timber
  • Premium quality woodchip
  • Specialist machinery
  • Fully trained and experienced operator
  • Quality & Monitoring Policy
  • High levels of Customer Service
  • Emergency deliveries

Our Background

SPV Energy started back in 2010/11, this business markets sells and installs
Solar PV systems, and Biomass Boilers and Combined Heat and Power
(CHP). In relation to Biomass and CHP it was a natural progression for
our business to set up a new company to first Create, then Dry and Sell
woodchip to the Biomass and CHP market place, as we have installed
many systems and are now in a position to produce and sell top quality
wood chip to our own customers, and also market to other new
potential customers.

Our Biomass Woodchip

Our woodchip is BSL authorised, for full RHI compliance. By adjusting
the cutting depth of the blades on our machinery, we can produce a full
range of chip specifications – whether G30, G50 or G100, or P16 or P45.
We can supply 15%-40% moisture contents, for whatever suits your
Boiler. We also only process virgin timber – this means no recycled
timber, ensuring we produce premium quality woodchip, as well as
maximising calorific value.

We have a base in the Scottish Highlands at Grantown on Spey, and
Stirling and Glasgow, this ensures that we can cover a vast area for our
customers, in a variety of delivery vehicles to best suit the customer: to
include bulk tippers and walking floor lorries.

We have invested in the specialist machinery for production of
woodchip and can provide a mobile contract chipping service. We now
also offer a range of quality wood fuel options and wood chip surfacing.
We have the knowledge and experience to steer our clients in the right
direction of all things Biomass and CHP related, from pre sales Design
and Build , through to installation, Servicing, and now wood chip fuel.

Please call us for a competitive quote, whether you are ready for supply
now or in the future.

Quality Assurance

We are BSL approved producers. We achieve a quality chip
by not only using the necessary machinery, which must be carefully
and regularly maintained, but by using a fully trained and experienced

Our Quality & Monitoring Policy provides useful guidance on how best
to store timber and wood chip, ensuring that together we can achieve a
premium quality product. In this we also detail what it is we do at the
processing stage to ensure you get maximum production, without
compromising on quality.

We have found that sustainable round timber supply is essential for our
business and as such we have long term contracts for supply of raw
timber to meet our wood chip requirements, in which case we always
have a buffer stock.

Please note, we only process virgin timber. Waste or recycled wood is
inherent with a high risk of damage to our machinery, just as it is to
your boiler and equipment.

Additionally, with our close affiliation with Euro Forestry, we firmly

believe in sustainability and only take timber from sustainable sources.

With over our supply partners having over 30 years of forestry experience

within our business we have the knowledge and benefit of best practice

and long term sustainability.

Customer Service

Our high levels of Customer Service ensure we satisfy both private and
commercial clients, with the majority of our customers Hotels and
leisure centres, Farms and Industrial, who cannot afford to have
downtime on their heating systems. Therefore it is imperative that we
“Do what is says on the tin” and make planned deliveries in a timely
manner to our customers satisfaction.

We can of course cover some emergency deliveries, if we have a late
order due to unforeseen circumstances and endeavor to get to you in
your hour of need.

We are confident in our ability to satisfy all our clients with a quality
service, and can happily provide references. Customer relations are a
top priority to us and we will always seek to address any problems
quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch, we would like to hear from you